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Curtis Osborne

Coordinator of Intergenerational Nurture

Curtis Osborne has over 25 years of business experience, primarily in accounting and finance. He is also a Certified Church Planter and a disciple of the Fresh Expressions methodology.

A graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in Finance and Marketing, he is also a published freelance writer and has owned a publishing company that published two youth-oriented newspapers.

In 2014, Curtis heard a call to a more spiritual career and started working in churches and faith-based organizations. His experience includes running a diner church and working in local outreach. Working at churches gave him the opportunity to learn more about his calling and about ways to create and maintain a spiritually and financially healthy church.

For many years, Curtis has been involved in local youth sports as a coach, a board member and as a parent and has volunteered with local music programs. He has a passion for youth development and mentorship.

Curtis also has a passion and love for his wife and kids. He has been married to his junior high school sweetheart Wanda for over 29 years and has 3 children (Victoria, Vincent and Jasmine). Curtis is a huge music and sports fan and a news junkie. His hobbies include reading anything he can get his hands on, writing essays, short stories and songs that will never hit the Billboard charts, trying out new recipes, and when he is sufficiently motivated, plucking on his bass guitar and sketching.

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