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Faith United Methodist Church Foundation, Inc.

The Faith United Methodist Church Foundation was founded and approved by the Charge Conference on December 3, 1996 and granted 501c(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service.  The Foundation accepts gifts, donations, and legacies, and is managed by a Board of Directors appointed annually by the Faith Church Council. All gifts to the Foundation are prudently invested and the investment earnings are distributed periodically through a grant program to other charitable organizations.

Planting a Plant

Gifts to the foundation become a gift that keeps on giving so that you can create a legacy that will endure long after you have made your gift. Grant recipients must be an IRS approved local charitable organization and must be sponsored by a Faith Church member. All donations are dedicated exclusively to the outreach arm of the Church and there are no deductions for overhead or other administrative expenses.

As you can see, Faith Foundation is a powerful tool that can greatly benefit the Church and its members now and far into the future. The Foundation is not intended to compete with nor take away from your annual pledge obligations which fund the operating budget of the Church.

While all donations are welcome, it is anticipated that the major source of giving will be through legacy gifts. As members of the Faith congregation, our first priority is always to the Faith annual budget and any capitol programs for large Faith Church projects.  We are also expected to support our church in our wills, and the Faith Foundation allows you to earmark funds for continuing outreach programs.

For more information, please contact Rev. Laura Norvell.

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