Children & Family

All the chisels I've dulled carving idols of stone

That have crumbled like sand 'neath the waves.

I've recklessly built all my dreams in the sand

Just to watch them all wash away.

Through another day, another trial, another chance

To reconcile to one who sees past all I see.

And reaching out my weary hand I pray that you'd understand

You're the only one who's faithful to me.

(from Faith to be Faithful to Me by Jennifer Knapp)

At Faith, we seek to embrace ALL of what it means to be a family.

It can be messy, exhausting and hard.  But you already know that.

Faith is blessed with a membership that spans all ages and stages.  That means that wisdom dwells in our experiences - experiences that have been sustained by learning about how God loves us so, how Jesus sets a path for us, and how the Holy Spirit swirls around all that we do in every moment and stage of life. 


Join us to see how we might share life with you and help your family grow in faith.  We have Sunday School for children and are building opportunities for service, fun, fellowship and learning among our many families.  One size does not fit all.  We seek to be a place where each family finds a unique place in the life of the church.

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 3, 1:00pm

Faith Youth Group is sponsoring an Easter Egg Hunt for Faith families and their children on the grounds of Faith UMC.  We'll break up into three groups: 0-5, 6-11, and 12+.  Bring your own basket.  This event will adhere to COVID protocols to include masks, contact tracing and social distancing. If you have any questions, please contact Josef Sorrells, Director of Youth Ministry. 

Registration is required.

Easter Egg Hunt

So much has changed in our world since mid-March a year ago. I miss being on the steps with your kids on Sunday morning. I miss sneaking into the sanctuary after church to spy on their choir rehearsals. I miss hearing from week to week about the connections they have made to things that they are learning about God.

Here’s what hasn’t changed: God is with us. Even now. And my prayer, always, is that we are helping our kids to know that in their very bones.


We want to focus on ways to support your family as the greenhouse where a love of God, stories of Jesus, and glimpses of the Holy Spirit take root for your WHOLE family. We’ve put together what we like to call Church in a Box, a container for ways we will Celebrate Wonder together in the weeks to come. We know that the weight of everything happening “virtually” is heavy, and we hope that we’ve created a flexible way for your family to develop some spiritual practices at home while learning and growing.


Church in a Box will include resources for a weekly lesson, weekly worship, and a daily family ritual. (Stress not!! We know that daily is subject to all the pressures of life!) This year, we will be using Cokesbury’s new curriculum Celebrate Wonder. To accompany the resources in the box, you will receive a weekly message from Faith that connects you to video resources for the week including a parent video, a lesson video and a story video (including members of Faith reading for the kids!).


-Pastor Laura

Would you like to receive "Church in a Box" and our weekly emails with videos featuring our storytellers and Pastor Laura?  

Join us for Moving Meditation Walks
Thursday mornings at 9:30am
Our walks are on a winter break until mid-March

All walks will be on local wooded trails, will be easy or moderate, and will take less than an hour. The walks will be guided by Kathleen Moore who is familiar with trail selections. This will offer an opportunity to be in meditation with nature and allow quiet time for self reflection.  All ages are welcome!

The Faith5 Card: A Mealtime Practice for the Family

In your Church in a Box, you will find the Faith5 card (image).  Watch the video to see the Faith5 in action with Pastor Laura.


Don’t worry about having a perfect conversation or knowing answers to the questions that come up.  Part of the work we are doing is giving voice to our big questions! Questions help us all to learn.