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Ann Bartlow


An accomplished and versatile instrumentalist, Ann Bartlow continually seeks opportunities to follow her passions and refine her craft. With an indelible work ethic, she has dedicated much of her life to building and expanding upon her skills in accompaniment. Her career as a pianist and organist spans more than 20 years, and she is proud to leverage that experience in her current role as a Collaborative Pianist with Strathmore Children’s Chorus.

Ann has established a record of professional excellence by performing as the principal pianist and accompanist for weekly church congregations across Arizona and Maryland. She has cultivated a competitive repertoire with a wide selection of both classic and contemporary liturgical music. Since taking the initiative to learn the organ nearly 10 years ago, she has been certified by the American Guild of Organists (AGO) in Service Playing and practical mastery. 

While her evenings and weekends are devoted to her creative endeavors, Ann also manages a full-time job as an elementary school teacher. Her extensive background in education makes her uniquely qualified to support and engage young vocalists, and she finds immense joy in helping children gain confidence and reach their peak potential. This collaborative spirit shines through in her partnerships with artists of all ages, as she specializes in identifying the needs of each individual and adapting her accompaniment to complement their style.

Ann holds a Master of Arts in Education as well as undergraduate degrees in Piano Performance and Music Therapy. She has been an active member of the AGO since 2017, and she currently serves on the board for their Potomac Chapter. Ann shares her love for music with her two beautiful daughters and her husband, a member of The Washington Chorus. As a family, they spend much of their free time building connections with key organizations and thought leaders in the local music community.

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