Divine Reading

Available Tuesday Mornings

Listen to a guided meditation featuring scripture, poetry, story, or song lyrics. Audio recordings are available on Tuesdays.

The meditations come in different styles of engagement:

  1. Lectio Divina:  The words are read as we listen to a word, phrase, or image that jumps out at us.  The first step after listening is to chew on the word, phrase, or image.  Then, after the words are read again, we engage in dialogue with God about our word, phrase, or image and our lives.  In the third phase, after reading again, we give back to God the insight God is giving us and continuing dialogue or sitting in silence.  In the final phase, we rest in God's presence before heading back out into the world.

  2. Imaginative:  Some texts lend themselves well to immersing ourselves into the story.  There we will imagine ourselves somewhere in the story noticing with our senses and thoughts.  Then we will spend time with God in dialogue and contemplation, followed by a time of resting in God's presence.

Contact Gina Dawson, Director of Adult Discipleship, if you have any questions.

The end of each silent portion of the meditation is marked by a triangle bell.  Get comfortable and find a place where you can be free from distractions.  When you are finished, go for a walk, write down your thoughts, or whatever feels natural to you in response to God's work in you during this time.  Come.

Miscellaneous Divine Readings
Apr 27: Luke 5:1-11 story immersion
00:00 / 20:38
Apr 13:Jeremiah 18 story immersion
00:00 / 20:38
Apr 6:John 20 story immersion
00:00 / 21:39
Mar 30:1 Peter 2:9
00:00 / 20:40